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Bamboo Versus Plastic

Is Bamboo really an Eco-Friendly alternative ?

.... YES !

Each year, millions of tons of plastic that we produce end up in the Ocean. Huge proportions of this plastic waste is then washed up on the beaches. This type of waste usually takes thousands of years to decompose.


Bamboo products, eco friendly products


Plastic waste ultimately damages the natural food chain, effecting thousands of species in the Ocean. For some more eye opening facts see:


To leave a cleaner planet for future generations, we now search for sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives, including Bamboo, which is completely natural.


So what is Bamboo?

  • Bamboo is a type of grass, the largest and only one that can diversify into a forrest
  • Bamboo grows fast! some species of bamboo can grow 90cm in one day!

 What are the benefits of Bamboo?

  • It is an incredibly strong material. It has been used in building and construction for thousands of years
  • Bamboo is healthy for you - Its great for the environment around us and is naturally Anti-bacterial
  • It is a renewable resource. Bamboo requires no chemicals, pesticides or fertiliser to grow. Once this material has reached its life span it can be recycled back into the earth
  • Bamboo releases 35% more oxygen into the environment than the equivalent volume of trees 

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