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About us


As proud parents of our little Bubba, we were very excited to start his weaning journey not long after he was 5 months old. We never imagined how hard teething would be for him and this would often distract him during feeding times – leading to his nickname, Chomper, as he literally chomped on anything in site! 
Little did we know that this would be the start of BubbaChomp!


We realised early on that we needed to make the process more enjoyable for him and less stressful for us ! 

Designing our products for weaning and teething were always with the aim of engaging our little Bubba more during feeding times and it absolutely worked!

The animal shaped plates are great fun and helped to hold his attention so much more. With the handy compartments allowing us to plate up a variety of different foods - even serving up starters, mains and desert!

Seeing him trying new flavours and learning about all the new textures was amazing. Not having to pick up entire platefuls off the floor was a huge bonus.



Another huge plus is the food grade silicone on our spoons, which he could chew on for some relief during mealtimes. This was a great distraction from the 'dreaded teething' and meant he could still enjoy chowing down his food. 


Now we’d like to share our products with you and your little chompers to enjoy and make feeding times more fun!